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The following are just some examples of our every
day long distance Rates...
Canada 3.5


China 3.5
Italy 4
Greece 4
India 15
Germany 4
UK 3.5
Russia 5.9
Portugal 4
Israel 4.5
Japan 4
Australia 4
Jamaica 15.5

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Long Distance


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 Why choose us as your long distance provider?

No Contracts
No Access Fees

No Activation Fees
No Hidden Costs...ever!

Low Rates around the world
Pay only for what you use

...just dial & Save!

Our everyday long distance rates are automatically included with each of our home phone plans or available as a stand-alone service.  Either way, there are no additional charges on top of long distance rate (other than taxes of course).

With Telazoom / EuroTEL Canada there is:

  • No disruption in your service, including any added features.
  • No payment hassles, choose from eight easy ways to pay, including credit card.
  • No separate bill for long distance. You get one clear, easy to understand itemized bill.
    (When you choose our automatic payment options, you will just receive a statement.)
  • No extra digits to dial

Enjoy the same low rates no matter when you call - day or night. No access numbers to dial, no more waiting for evenings and weekends to save on calls to friends, family and business associates.

Do you call any particular country more often?
If so, let us know and we may be able to adjust that rate for you so you can enjoy additional

Because you shouldn't have to pay high prices to enjoy great long distance service. You will get the
lowest rates to the countries you call the most. Its that simple!

Only Telazoom / EuroTEL can provide you with the flexibility to customize a long distance plan to
meet your particular calling needs. Bottom line: Long distance IS a big part of our business.
Providing you with the lowest rates possible and an exceptional customer service experience is
our priority.

You can also call anywhere else in the world with our great low long distance rates. Rates are
subject to change. Please call to confirm current rates.

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