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Now you can get even more savings with Telehop Home Phone™ through our Refer-A-Friend program.

How it works

For every friend you refer who signs up with Telehop HomePhone™, you will get ONE MONTH FREE* of Telehop HomePhone’s™ Basic Plan or Unlimited Local Plan. You will find Refer-A-Friend cards in your welcome package when you sign up for Telehop HomePhone™.

All you have to do is fill in your phone number in the reference code space, and hand it out to your family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues! Don’t worry if you run out of coupons because you can click here to download more! Remember, the more friends you refer, the more you save.

*Terms and Conditions

- In these terms and conditions, “Referrer” refers to the Telehop HomePhone customer who has referred another customer to join Telehop HomePhone. “Referee” refers to the person who has been referred to join Telehop HomePhone.

- “One month free” of Telehop HomePhone’s basic service will show as an $8.99 or $14.99 credit to the referrer and referee’s account. Credit amount will depend on the plan they have signed-up for. $8.99 credit will apply if the customer has signed up for Telehop HomePhone $8.99 Basic Plan. $14.99 credit will apply for all other Telehop HomePhone residential plans.

- For credit to apply, both "Referrer" and "Referee" must have completed two months of continuous service and both accounts must be active and in good standing.

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