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How it works

The Telehop Home Phone uses the best mix of reliable traditional telephony and the features only possible through internet technology to offer secure and high quality telephone service over the internet. To beat other companies that offer a similar service, we have put immense resources into the research and development of our service to ensure that we can achieve the highest standards in quality.

Transform your high speed internet connection and existing phone handset to a reliable, feature packed and high quality phone service.

So what do you need to use Telehopís Home Phone Service?

  • Existing high speed internet connection and Cable/ADSL modem. If you have a DSL connection, more details available here

  • Existing phone handset*

  • Telehop Home Phone ATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter)

  • Optional: Existing network router

As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Installation of your Telehop Home Phone is quick and simple:

Connect your Telehop Home Phone adaptor to your internet

Plug your phone into your Telehop Home Phone adaptor

Pick up and dial!


Click here if you would like to see more detailed step-by-step instructions.

Our trained customer care and technical staff are always available to assist in this process or we can send over our technicians if necessary. However, we are confident that you will be able to install the service within minutes by following our simple installation guide

You can even keep your existing phone number (Enter your number into the porting tool on the left side to check number portability) or we can provide you with a new phone number.

Connection with no home Router

Benefits of internet telephony:

  • Enhanced Voicemail (VM):
    • Receive VM by email
    • Listen to VM on PC
    • Save VM to PC
  • Personal Web portal
    • Complete control of your features, VM and service details
  • Take your phone with you anywhere in the world
  • Use your PC to make calls while on the road
  • Virtual Phone numbers Ė from another area code
  • Click here for a full list of all the features

HomePhone installation manual
Provides detailed step-by-step instructions



Connection with Home Router

*Existing phone will work when connected to Telehopís Home Phone ATA. In order to use your phone with all of the jacks in your home, your existing phone wiring will need to be re-wired. Refer to FAQs for more information or wiring.

The smart way to stay connected...Order your HomePhone today!

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