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HomePhone Features

Telehop’s Home Phone service includes 8 calling features and contains additional plans and benefits to suit your lifestyle.

  • Keep your existing phone number or get a new phone number - your choice!
  • 8 Calling Features - details below
  • Unlimited free calls within your local calling area
  • On-the-go phone number – take your Home Phone with you anywhere you go!
  • Personal Web Portal – Control calling features and view/manage your call history among other things through this portal
  • Enhanced 911 (monthly charge apply)
  • 411 Directory Assistance (per call charges apply)

Calling Feature Descriptions:

Call Waiting
Notifies you of an incoming call while engaged in a call via an audible sound and provides you with the ability to temporarily place the first call on hold while talking to the second caller. You can return to the first call after completing the second conversation.  Click here to view detailed instructions.

Caller ID Display
Displays the phone number of the incoming caller if you have a phone that supports Caller ID.  Click here to view detailed instructions.

Caller ID Blocking
Calling ID blocking lets you block your name and number from the person you are calling.  Click here to view detailed instructions.

Call Forward
Call forward lets you forward all of your incoming calls to another number.  You must activate this feature from you home phone, not from a remote phone.  Click ere to view detailed instructions.

Call Forward remotely using the Web
Call forward all you incoming calls to another number from you online portal.  Click here to view detailed instructions.

3-Way Calling
3-way calling lets you arrange small conference calls with your family and friends.  Talk with two different people from different locations at the same time.  Click here to view detailed instructions.

Allows your callers to leave you confidential messages while you are away from home or busy on another call.  You can listen to messages from your home phone or access them from another phone. 
Click here to view detailed instructions.

Enhanced VoiceMail
Allows you to view and listen to your voicemail messages on your personal web portal.  Furthermore, recieve your voicemail messages as a email attachments allowing you to listen to your messages on your PC or a compatible smartphone.  You can save messages on your PC either from the web portal or the email.  Click here to view detailed instructions.

Optional Features

Virtual Phone Number: $4.99 /month
Virtual Phone numbers allow you to have more than one phone number and to choose a phone number from another area code.  Give your family and friends a number that is local to them saving them long distance costs!  Click here for more details.

Softphone for Travellers: $6.99/month
Softphone service allows you to make and receive calls using your PC from anywhere in the world.  All you need to do is to plug your PC into a high speed internet connection.  With your PC headset, start making and receiving calls.  Call your home or family and friends anywhere in the world at the same low long distance rates of your plan.
Click here to view detailed instructions.

Industry's Best Long Distance Rates
The Telehop HomePhone is pre-programmed to Telehop's long distance service.  Dial direct from your home phone and enjoy the lowest long distance rates in the world.

Virtual Calling Cards
Get the same low long distance rates on your cell phone!  Charges will appear as a separate line on your Telehop HomePhone bill.

The smart way to stay connected...Order your HomePhone today!


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