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What is Telehop HomePhone?

Telehop HomePhone is a local and long distance phone service through Internet technology better known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP). It is an affordable communication solution that offers many features not available through traditional phone lines.


4 Great Plans to Choose from

Each with 8 great calling features


PLUS - You Can Travel with your phone!

Telehop HomePhone is portable, flexible and easy to use. You can take it anywhere in the world...just plug in the adapter into any high speed internet connection and you can make and receive calls with no long distance charges...just like you never left home!

Adapter charge of $4.99 month is extra (click here for additional purchase or deposit options)

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Enhanced 911 emergency support

  • Voicemail messages accessible through private web portal and all messages are forwarded to your cell phone

  • Pick your own area code, or port your current number

  • FREE calling in our expanded local calling area. Never pay long distance rates to call within the Greater Toronto Area again!

  • FREE calling to other Telehop Home Phone lines regardless of where they are in the world

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Courteous and knowledgeable live customer care

Bonus Month!  
Receive one month free when porting your existing phone number to Telehop!

The smart way to stay connected...Order your HomePhone today!

* Limited time offer. $5.00 monthly rental fee waived for first 6 months. Shipping and handling charges may apply.
** Mexican cities include: Mexico City, Monterey, and Guadalajara; land lines only. Puerto Rico land and cell lines.
*** Unlimited Global Plan includes North America (including Mexico and Puerto Rico), 18 Western European countries,
5 Eastern European countries, 8 South American countries, 9 Asian countries (including China, Korea and Japan),Israel, Russia, New Zealand and Turkey.
VoIP 911 has certain limitations compared to traditional 911.
Terms and conditions apply. Price subject to change without notice.

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